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Bug Report: Error During WordPress Synchronization

Dear Reword Support Team,I hope you're doing well. I'm reaching out to report a new issue I've encountered with the Reword WordPress connector. This problem is hindering my ability to seamlessly publish articles from Reword to my WordPress site.Issue Description: Upon attempting to use the synchronization feature to publish an article to WordPress, I encountered an error message stating, "we couldn't sync article. please try again." This error persists despite multiple attempts to sync the article, preventing any content from being published to my WordPress site.Could you please advise on any steps I might take to troubleshoot this further, or if there are any updates or fixes planned to address this issue?Thank you for your time and assistance. I look forward to your prompt response.Best regards,

Hamid Harabazan 19 days ago


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Not worth the money yet

Hi. I've no doubt this app is going to become a great tool, but at the moment it has serious issues. For one, the learning doesn't work at the simplest level. Despite numerous website articles plugged into the learning side of things, it fails to produce correct information of the most basic kind from those articles, which undermines its credibility to produce any kind of accurate information at all. Also the Wordpress integration leaves a lot to be desired. It's access to existing articles is spotty, and it seems to have trouble syncing with articles, creating duplicates in the draft window. And what articles it does find, it doesn't copy over the existing content but forces you to start from scratch.

Mark Slater About 2 months ago


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Archive articles for writers when "publish" feature is used and IMPROVE export

Although there's a primitive export, it's vital to have better export options than "copy and paste" or Wordpress integration. For the "publish" feature, it should archive the features so that we can easily duplicate and repurpose for social media or shorter features. As it is, without proper export to Word or Pages or equivalent, if someone hits "publish" the only archive of that feature is wherever it was published. (It's gone from Reword altogether).This makes multiple drafts, versions, etc clumsy. Have to copy and paste into Word or Pages, and create a new folder system, then bring it back to Reword when you're ready to work on it? Too clumsy and slow. Important feature.

Derek Armstrong 2 months ago

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