March 13th 2024



Track Your Search Performance With Reword

When was the last time you checked Google Search Console? Despite it being a goldmine of data, many marketers only check it once a month.

Why? Because it isn't always that intuitive to use.

Now, you can view this data effortlessly from your Reword articles page. Here's just a few of the new search data features.

Filter your articles by clicks, impressions, CTR and position

Use our new filters to drill down on the articles that need attention. The following new filters have been added:

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • CTR

  • Position

Track your metrics in specific timeframes

Use the new timeframe option to decide what time period you'd like to view your search metrics for.

Every day, your data gets updated straight from your Google Search Console integration.

Reword will retain your data up to the last 16 months.

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