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July 8th 2024


Small Updates

You can now rename your draft folders without having to delete and re-create them.

  1. Select the folder you want to edit

  2. In the folder toolbar (on the right-hand side), select β€˜Rename folderβ€˜

  3. Enter your new name and hit β€˜Save folderβ€˜

Your folder name will be updated straight away and your drafts will keep their place in your folder.

June 22nd 2024



Our new plagiarism audit feature catches potential plagiarism issues early, saving time you would otherwise spend dealing with the consequences of publishing non-original content.

With the new plagiarism sidebar app,

  • You can ensure your articles are original.

  • You can maintain your credibility.

  • You can protect yourself against potential legal issues.Β 

  • You can focus more on creating new content than fixing problems after they arise.

How Does It Work?

Using the plagiarism audit is as simple as clicking on it in your sidebar. Then, just wait for it to analyze your article.Β 


It will highlight any potential texts that it suspects are plagiarized and show you the number in the top right under β€œalerts,”


It will also link to the source it believes the text is taken from so you can confirm; after that, you can adjust your article as you see fit.

May 14th 2024

Following the launch of the Reword app library just a few weeks ago, we've just launched another way to personalize your sidebar.

You can now re-arrange the order of your sidebar apps by in just a few clicks. Here's how:

  1. Click the new icon at the bottom of the sidebar navigation

  2. Drag and drop the order of your icons

  3. Press the check icon to confirm your changes

Remember: This will update the order of your sidebar for this project, which means other teammates will see the same changes.

April 22nd 2024

Ever since Michael Shrayer launched the Electric Pencil in 1976, word processors have come a long way.

With every technological shift, the software in a writers tool-belt has taken a different shape. AI is the latest inflection point, changing the way we write and the tools we use to aid us.

At Reword, we envision a more connected editor, where you can accomplish just about anything without leaving the word processor.

Our new app library helps you shape-shift your Reword experience to suit your workflow. Apps will include AI-first features, third-party connectors and collaborative tools.

With the launch of the app library, we're announcing the first (of many) apps.

Unsplash: Add stock photos to your articles in just a click

A picture speaks a thousand words. As article writers, we know just how important the visual component of articles are to convey a point.

Our Unsplash app gives you direct access to a library of stock photos that you can insert directly into your editor, with credits to the photographer.

Meta description: Generate an SEO-ready descriptions

On a mission to rise to the top of the search results? Meta descriptions are a big part of that.

Writing a good one isn't an easy task. It must be engaging, relevant and hint to the reader that your article is going to scratch their itch.

Our meta description app uses AI to combine your article's content and search intents, so that it can write the perfect meta description for your audience.

Managing your apps

There's two ways to toggle your apps at any time from the editor:

  • In the top navigation, click Apps > Manage apps

  • In the sidebar navigation, click the + icon

April 16th 2024

Having second thoughts about that new article structure?

Don't panic - version history is here to save the day.

Simply click the icon in the top-right of the editor (Or through the 'Article' menu) to launch the version history navigator.

  • Navigate and preview your latest drafts

  • Track published version changes

  • Restore previous versions in one-click

April 11th 2024



Clicks, impressions, positions - Your article's search performance is in a constant state of flux, are you in touch with it?

If not, don't worry. Reword will now provide trending search analytics for all of your published articles, powered by Google Search Console.

See how your article's are doing at a glance

Hover over your search metrics to see how exactly they're trending based on the previous period. Remember, you can change your timeframe to see your trends across different periods.

Identify opportunities with trending filters

4 new filters help you dial down on the articles that need attention.

  • Impressions growth

  • Clicks growth

  • Position growth

  • CTR growth

This can help you create segments based on your search performance, to help your team optimize your articles strategically.

March 19th 2024



The long-awaited file manager is live! We all know how media can bring a well-written article to life.

That's why we're making media management effortless with everything you need to upload, organize and insert your photos.

  • Use folders to categorize your media.

  • Upload different types of media assets in JPG, PNG, GIF and beyond.

  • Add metadata at the asset level to save time.

  • Share your asset library with the rest of your team.

Check it out by clicking the 'Insert file' option in your editor toolbar.

March 13th 2024



When was the last time you checked Google Search Console? Despite it being a goldmine of data, many marketers only check it once a month.

Why? Because it isn't always that intuitive to use.

Now, you can view this data effortlessly from your Reword articles page. Here's just a few of the new search data features.

Filter your articles by clicks, impressions, CTR and position

Use our new filters to drill down on the articles that need attention. The following new filters have been added:

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • CTR

  • Position

Track your metrics in specific timeframes

Use the new timeframe option to decide what time period you'd like to view your search metrics for.

Every day, your data gets updated straight from your Google Search Console integration.

Reword will retain your data up to the last 16 months.

February 29th 2024



You know that email you get every Monday with a fresh content cluster to write about?

You can now brainstorm new cluster ideas whenever you need to turn on the creative tap. Here's how to do it in just a few clicks:

  1. Head to your 'Ideas' page

  2. Click 'Add new topic cluster'

  3. Click 'I'm feeling lucky'

Just like that, your finite creativity is made infinite ✨

February 13th 2024

Small Updates


We had lots of request for this bitesized update.

You can now find and replace in the Reword editor in just a few clicks.

  1. Open the editor

  2. Select the 'Edit' menu

  3. Click 'Find and replace'

VoilΓ ! Our new find and replace feature will pop-up, helping you make repetitive updates a breeze.